1. when will the theme be made responsive

  2. If you ever need a hand with 3.0, drop me a message.

  3. A responsive Arras version would be very welcome. Any rough idea of a release date for Arras 3 ?

  4. JP


    Just found this site and excited re Arras 3. Quick question? I am running Arras and have used guesswork and trial and error to keep it limping along, every time there is a wordpress update i am terrified and am convinced that 4.2 will be the one to make it all come tumbling down. As you can guess I am a bit of a novice and have a built a successful and profitable website alone with very little technical knowledge, just the ability to firefight when a blaze ignites. Sorry – the question is should I upgrade to 1.6.2 now or wait for arras 3 and if i should upgrade now can you give me a fool proof idiots guide how to do so. Thank you – appreciate all your hard work and am sure eejits like me must be the bain of your life.

    • Hi JP.

      Yeah, I started working on updating Arras when a client of mine whose site uses it started breaking with WordPress updates. So I’ve been there!

      I hesitate to advise you about what you *should* do, since I’m not familiar with either the customizations you’ve made to the theme or the code patches you’ve made to hold it together up to now.

      As for WP 4.2, the most likely things that would “break” the Arras 1.5.x would be that the version of jQuery in WP 4.2 has been updated. Arras 1.5 and lower loads its own version of jQuery that will conflict with the WP version that will also likely be loaded on most pages. It also has an outdated version of the cycle slideshow plugin that, again, may or may not work given the mess of conflicting jQuery code. But then again, if you’ve got it working now, the newer version might or might not make any difference. You run the same risk with the script that runs the old Arras menu dropdowns.

      So, that’s where things are most likely to fall apart with WP 4.2. But I haven’t tested it myself. And, like I say, if you’ve managed to keep it together this long, you’re probably doing better than you give yourself credit for.

      As for updating to 1.6.2 I’d say if you update to WP 4.2 and things fall apart with 1.5.x, go ahead and give it a try. Make a backup of your old Arras folder in wp-content/themes first, so you can go back to the old version if things get really messed up. Version 1.6.2 will be basically the same thing as 1.5.x, only without the script conflicts — but again, I can’t guarantee anything without being familiar with your specific modifications/patches.

      For the upcoming version 3, as I’ve said elsewhere, all bets are off for backwards compatibility if you’ve made any modifications to your previous versions or are using a child theme. Implementing responsive capability will necessitate major revisions to the theme’s style sheet and handling of thumbnails.

      Good luck!

  5. Hi,

    I updated to arras 1.6 today and everything works! Thanks for the update (still waiting for responsive, but staying patient!!)!
    I have only have a question about my custom logo. I have a .jpg uploaded in my options (Arras options -> Design), but it doesn’t seem to display it in my header. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Joris,

      Sorry for the trouble. There was a bug in version 1.6 where the logo was not showing up on some sites, but I thought we had it fixed in version 1.6.2. Can you please confirm that you have version 1.6.2 installed (you can tell by looking at the version number in the style.css file)? If not, try going to 1.6.2. If you are already indeed using 1.6.2, let me know, as it’s a problem I’ll have to look into.


      • Thanks for your reply! I saw it was 1.6 only, I must have gotten the wrong one! I uploaded 1.6.2 and the logo was back!

        • Hooray! Glad to hear it’s working for you.

  6. stepic

    Perfect template thank you ..

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