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Arras 3

I won’t bore you with all the details about how over the summer I had to put Arras (and a lot of other things) on the back burner for a while.

Thanks to JB (bicycling across Africa somewhere, I think) who provided a lot of feedback on the Betas while I was out of commission. And to everyone else who commented and waited patiently.

Arras is a little like your uncle’s vintage Ford Mustang. You hang onto it because it’s a piece of nostalgia, even though it’s dated and not as efficient as just getting a new car. But at least now it’s responsive so it won’t suffer from mobilegeddon.

As such, Arras 3 still shares most of it’s code base with Arras 1.x, but it’s not the same theme. It will try to pull whatever settings from Arras 1.x it can into the new arrangement, but you still may (probably will) have to adjust a few things yourself.

Also, note that as an old theme (ancient in terms of WordPress development and internet time), there is some code that is old enough that Arras 1.x will break completely (I’m talking Fatal error, white screen of death) on servers running php 7 (soon to be released). With this release of Arras 3, I’m leaving Arras 1.x behind.

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. Language files for the Arras 1.x won’t work on Arras 3. I’ve provided a new .pot file in the /languages folder for anyone who cares to load it into poedit and render a translation. If you make a translation, please help other Arras users by submitting a pull request with your translation. I’ll make sure to add them to future releases.

  2. Child Themes based on Arras 1.x will probably break in Arras 3. With the introduction of a responsive grid, a lot of the styles have changed.

  3. Customizer work is ongoing. Custom post types and taxonomies on the home page works, but sometimes requires reloading the customizer page to update the available selections. Again, with any luck this should get smoother with future releases.

Download Arras 3.0.1


About the Author:

Caspar Green Caspar Green has been doing web stuff stuff since before Y2K. He is now a software developer with AwesomeMotive, Inc., but still does a few projects on the side as time allows.


  1. Still using Arras 1.5.5 and interested in upgrading to 3.01: is there a set of directions — and does my current configuration seem directly portable, or is it very likely will I have to make a lot of adjustments after installation?…

    • Jul, your current site seems like it’s probably going to translate without a lot of hassle. Some common things that happen after updating:

      You may find that you will need to re-arrange your sidebar widgets after the update. The Arras 1.x used an older method of assigning widgets to sidebars that sometimes gets lost in translation. Widgets that get un-assigned generally end up at the bottom of the widgets page in your admin and you can drag them back to where you want them.

      You may also have to re-set the layout to get your 2-sidebar arrangement. Do this first, if you need to, before rearranging widgets.

      You may need to reset your header image. And the search box in the header has now been replaced with a new widget area. You can drag a search widget into “header widgets” area to get it back.

      Hope it goes well.

  2. As a site that’s currently running on 1.5.2, we have a similar question to the one that Jul posted. We’d love to upgrade to 3.0.1 but we’re not sure if our current configuration could cause any issues with the theme or if it will just be a matter of doing small tweaks.

    Thanks in advance and for keeping the theme up to date.

    • Since every site is different, it’s hard to say whether any particular site’s transition will be easy or difficult. Generally, the fewer customizations you’ve made to Arras 1.x, the fewer issues are likely to appear.

      The ideal way to go about it is to test the theme update on a staging server, where you can test, work out any kinks or issues and re-apply any customizations without messing up your live site. I’ve been writing about staging servers on my blog, and there are plenty of other resources about them, too, just by googling.

  3. Is there any Spanish translation for Aras 3.0.1?

    • Unfortunately, no translations have been made yet for Arras 3. I’m looking for volunteers to do so.

  4. John

    Thanks for doing this! You should put up a donation link.

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