Arras 3.0.3 Maintenance Release

Arras 3.0.3

This maintenance release fixes the following issues:

* Restores white background around page content to page entries.
* Fixes styling error on comment number display on traditional tapestry entries (home and archive pages).
* Fixes default tapestry not registering on author pages.

[Download Arras 3.0.3](

About the Author:

Caspar Green Caspar Green has been doing web stuff stuff since before Y2K. He is now a software developer with AwesomeMotive, Inc., but still does a few projects on the side as time allows.


  1. Dear Team,

    Please help My websites Slider Title at below is going outside of the main slider. Please how to resolve it.

    • First, it appears you are using an outdated version.
      Then, something (not sure what) is causing html that should be in the <head> section of the page to show up in the <body> section.

  2. I am using the old version of Arras only as of now. But when I try to use the New Version, the title of the Slider going outside the of slider.

    • I’m sorry it’s not working for you. I can’t say what’s going on, though, since I can’t see the site with the current version theme active on it.

  3. congoman

    Any news?

  4. hi, can make Arras responsive??? Please do this. thanks.

  5. Coma

    Hi, I can’t change font size in posts and pages.
    Thank you

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