Category: Known Issues

Tabbed Sidebar Widget Issue


Arras Version: 1.5.5

We discovered this week that the Tabbed Sidebar Widget that comes packaged with Arras causes the view within WordPress’s Appearance > Customize view to break. You may notice the following unwanted effects:

  • Dropdown items on the menus will flicker,
  • The slideshow will not advance correctly,
  • The widget itself will load a complete copy of the page,
  • Other scripts loaded by other plug-ins may not operate as expected.

The breakdown occurs only when looking at the site from the WordPress Admin under the Apperance > Customize menu view. The widget does perfectly fine anywhere else, and will display correctly to the public.

Without getting too technical, the issue has to do with the widget’s use of a JavaScript file called jQuery-ui-tabs, and it’s a known WordPress issue.

We are following the WordPress Core Development Team’s progress on it (and you can, too) here. There is a patch file available for WordPress. As of this date, security implications of using the patch are unknown. (We don’t recommend using it for production websites.)

As it stands, the Arras Tabbed Sidebar Widget is safe, and will display correctly on the public display view of pages using it. The only view that is affected is what is shown in the WordPress Admin Appearance > Customize view.

As soon as a WordPress fix becomes available, we will update Arras to implement it, or if necessary, move to a different method for building the widget.

Until then, we wanted you to know we’re aware of it and we’re watching.