As of April 21, 2016 Arras is no longer in active development and support is limited.

If you’d like to leave a note about an Arras issue, the best place to do it is on the Arras Issues page at Github.


  1. Hello Sir, i am using Arras Master Theme version 1.5.3 and wordpress version 4 , I want numeric pagination for my website pages and had tried to use Plugin WP-page navi but i cant see numeric pagination in my pages. I am new to wordpress. Can you please help me ASAP in this as i want numeric pagination for my website pages.
    P.S.:- my website :-

    • Hi. Have you followed the WP-navi plugin installation instructions? They’re pretty specific about code that needs to be placed in the theme files. (For this plugin, you can’t just activate it and have the plugin’s pagination appear.)

  2. Hi Casper.
    I love the Arras Theme and use it for 2 websites – &
    I am not very tech savy or am able to many things that others can do easily, for example I have no idea how to update my version of Arras 1.5.2 to the latest version 1.6.2. I rely on wordpess them updates for that, but I no longer see the Arras theme is located on wordpress.
    Anyway Casper I have a problem with my landing page these days, where the slider is located, all featured images are completly pixulated and I have tried to rest everything I can but have only managed to make things worst, pleases view, maybe you can advise me on how to fix this problem, cheers, Wayne

    • I salute you have a problem with my post at the main entrance exit is 3 by 3 some help

      • Set nodes per row = 2 in the options.

  3. Arras was removed from the theme repository quite a while ago. It no longer meets the theme standards for inclusion in the repository. I hope that Arras 3, or perhaps 3.1 will qualify. So, for the time being, auto updates are not possible. I’ve put instructions for updating on the support forum.

    As for why your pictures are suddenly pixalated, I really don’t know. Check that the thumbnail sizes are set correctly on the thumbnail tab of the Arras Options page. You may also need to run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, if you haven’t done so already.

  4. Jelke

    Hi, I have the new Arras only now want in home page only the sports news instead all the news in the previous version you could choose per catorgorie here is also an option for in the new version?

    Greetings Monem

    • You should be able to choose home page categories from the customizer.
      Appearance > Customize > Home Page > (pick the relevant featured section) > Categories
      There will be a drop-down with your post categories to choose from.

  5. Hi,

    I’ve got some problems with this theme in v3.0.3 when I change my website’s URL. I’ve got a “work in progress” website with this kind of URL : When it’s ready : I cut all the “-prod” in my database and change the DNS to “”. When it’s done, my website is broken. The homepage settings are gone… Any idea ?
    (this process works with my others themes)

    Many thanks !

    • Arras 3 in many respects is a new/different theme than Arras 1.x. It tries to read the settings from previous installations, but the new settings (via the customizer) and the old from the Arras Options page are not identical — so it’s not a 1-to-1 translation. As for renaming your URL and removing `-prod` from the database, a quick scan of Arras 3 code shows no uses of the string `-prod` anywhere, so I can’t say what might be going on there. Sorry. If you figure it out, please post back again in order to fix any bugs for future releases. Thanks.

  6. congoman

    Hi wo/man

    I see that the RTL implementation is not complete and/or the base-rtl.css is not loaded in rtl site. Why is that?