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Arras 3.0 Beta Is Up

Arras 3

All features are in for this release cycle.

Testers Welcome!

Please Note: Though this looks much like Arras 1.x versions, and shares a lot of its code DNA with Arras 1.x versions, it is not backwards compatible with Arras 1.x in many respects.

Arras 3.0 will import many, but not all, settings from Arras 1.x versions previously installed, so if you’re upgrading from Arras 1.x expect there to be some issues in translation that will need worked out.

What’s New?

Arras 3.0 features two major changes over 1.x versions:

Responsive Layout

Responsive layout has meant major changes to the theme’s CSS. If you’ve made lots of CSS customizations in 1.x, they’re probably going to break in 3.0.

The grid now controls column widths and image sizing rather than having options for specific thumbnail sizes.

Options In the Customizer

This is a major shift in the way handles options and settings. In the long run, though, it has the advantage that child themes will be able to edit settings and add their own settings much more easily than was possible using the older WPSettings API.

Beta Means “Test”

This probably goes without saying, but while I think I’ve got it all together, there probably are some bugs in it that will need attention. So, while it’s probably OK to use this for your kicking-around blog, it’s not ready for big-time sites yet.

If you take it for a test drive and find anything that needs fixed, please open an issue on the Development repository at Github. (It’s really not hard to do, I promise!)

And here’s the link to Download the Arras 3.0 Beta.