Arras 3.0.3 Maintenance Release

Arras 3.0.3

This maintenance release fixes the following issues:

* Restores white background around page content to page entries.
* Fixes styling error on comment number display on traditional tapestry entries (home and archive pages).
* Fixes default tapestry not registering on author pages.

[Download Arras 3.0.3](


Arras 3.0.1

Arras 3

I won’t bore you with all the details about how over the summer I had to put Arras (and a lot of other things) on the back burner for a while.

Thanks to JB (bicycling across Africa somewhere, I think) who provided a lot of feedback on the Betas while I was out of commission. And to everyone else who commented and waited patiently.

Arras is a little like your uncle’s vintage Ford Mustang. You hang onto it because it’s a piece of nostalgia, even though it’s dated and not as efficient as just getting a new car. But at least now it’s responsive so it won’t suffer from mobilegeddon.

As such, Arras 3 still shares most of it’s code base with Arras 1.x, but it’s not the same theme. It will try to pull whatever settings from Arras 1.x it can into the new arrangement, but you still may (probably will) have to adjust a few things yourself.

Also, note that as an old theme (ancient in terms of WordPress development and internet time), there is some code that is old enough that Arras 1.x will break completely (I’m talking Fatal error, white screen of death) on servers running php 7 (soon to be released). With this release of Arras 3, I’m leaving Arras 1.x behind.

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. Language files for the Arras 1.x won’t work on Arras 3. I’ve provided a new .pot file in the /languages folder for anyone who cares to load it into poedit and render a translation. If you make a translation, please help other Arras users by submitting a pull request with your translation. I’ll make sure to add them to future releases.

  2. Child Themes based on Arras 1.x will probably break in Arras 3. With the introduction of a responsive grid, a lot of the styles have changed.

  3. Customizer work is ongoing. Custom post types and taxonomies on the home page works, but sometimes requires reloading the customizer page to update the available selections. Again, with any luck this should get smoother with future releases.

Download Arras 3.0.1